Saturday, April 23, 2011

Why does it kill?

Last night, I went out and got hammered drunk.  Like seriously, blackout drunk.  And I realized something: the Ravus takes whatever it wants whenever it wants.  He gives nothing back, and that's the most important part.  If you take nothing from the Ravus, he will take everything from you, for no reason whatsoever.

As I write this with my Ravus-sized hangover, it occurs to me that, for the average reader, there is an unfamiliarity with the terminology that is being used.  For example, the word "take" is a normal word in everyday context, but when the Ravus is involved the word takes on entirely different meanings.  It could mean the same thing as the everyday use: for you see, the Ravus often forces you to give him things regardless of your will.  This includes at times your own body, which he uses for his purposes.  The reason that there is a difference between the normal use of this word and the use of the word around the Ravus is that he takes so much, there is an entirely different level of take than what most people are used to.  Once you understand this, then you are ready to begin understanding the Ravus.  And once you understand the Ravus, you begin to fear the Ravus with a passion.

That's all my hangover will let me type, I need to go get some eggs and bacon.  I'll be back tomorrow though with some more Ravocabulary (that didn't really work but I think you see what I did there).


  1. blackout drunk is best drunk

  2. The Ravus sounds like an all encompassing fearful beast. Why does it do this? What does it want from us?